Podcasts / Vlogs


The popularity of Podcasts and Vlogs have risen markedly over the recent years, as has the requirement for transcripts.  Providing transcriptions and closed captions of your audio and video content has many benefits:

  • Accessibility - ensure every sector of society can access your content
  • Increased Visibility - grow your audience 
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO will grow your audience reach
  • Backlinks - increases the potential for backlinks

Deaf Community

The popularity of podcasts and vlogs is on the rise, giving access to infinite choices.  Choices that are unfortunately only available to the hearing enabled and sighted.  The Deaf community demand, and deserve, equal access to podcast and vlog content.  Transcripts of your podcasts and vlogs are vital to the Deaf community.

Provide the video or audio files, or a URL, and we'll match your job with a professional transcriptionist.