ScribeOut is an Australian company and we have been providing quality and timely transcription services for over a decade. 

It’s important to us that your rates are affordable and professional transcriptionists receive the rates they deserve.  Win/Win.

Our Rates

Competitive pricing that doesn't sacrifice quality
Research Transcription
Accurate qualitative one-on-one interviews and focus group transcriptions are critical to academic research.
Closed Captions
Videos for educational, corporate and media production purposes all require closed captions for video content to ensure accessibility for all viewers.
File Notes
File notes are an essential daily task for many professionals, including financial consultants.
General transcription
There's a host of reasons why a person or organisation would require an ...
Music & Vibes
Check out our ever growning playlists for every occasion life throws at you.

Latest News

Small World

If the COVID-19 global pandemic has revealed anything, it's the fact that our planet really is a connected global community.  

Super Cool Features

Multi File Upload
Upload all your files at once, just drag 'n' drop

Upload all your files at once, just drag 'n' drop

Project Management
Unlimited Projects

Work collaboratively & privately with unlimited projects

Team Collaboration
So you want to...
  • Collaborate with colleagues from other organisations
  • On some but not all of your projects
  • While allowing others to upload and download files
  • Having different invoicing requirements per project
  • At no extra cost

Of course we can!

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