We have created a user-friendly, yet technologically advanced online WorkSpace which provides each client with a dedicated and secure area where you can upload audio files, download the completed documents, monitor progress and be notified via email on the completion of your job. All work is held in one central location on our 256 bit SSL encrypted server. 

Our unique WorkSpace gives you a high degree of autonomy over your transcription needs.  When uploading your audio files you select your desired turnaround time, as well as any other factors relevant to the Job, and the cost will be updated automatically for you.  You will then be able to track the progress of the Job.


WorkSpace gives you or your organisation the ability to collaborate with colleagues, giving everyone in your team the ability to upload audio files and access transcripts from a joint WorkSpace.  This is useful for organisations with offices in multiple locations or in the same department.


For a small monthly fee clients are able to subscribe to our Repository and all your transcripts will be securely stored.  When an invoice is paid our system purges all audio files and transcripts related to that invoice.  For some clients that can be disastrous, so feel free to use us as a back-up to ensure your valuable transcripts are not lost.