Small World

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It's a Small World

Monday 04 May 2020 |
Annette Pike
Small World

As an Australian company we are very aware how important the global economy is.  Being a Pacific island nation provides us many benefits and whilst proudly Aussie we are also embracing of the opportunities provided via the internet.  ScribeOut is linked to other countries that have comparable data security legislation and practices as Australia so clients can have peace of mind that their transcription data is handled appropriately.

Transcriptions are completed by professional transcriptionists, not speech-to-text software.  Transcribing audio files accurately takes into account nuances of speech, sentence structure and idioms.  Transcribers also bring expertise, background and their own educational and personal experiences. 

Being a family based business we particularly enjoy the personal experience of linking a client with a transcriber and have the knowledge that our small business is linked to international micro businesses.  We are looking forward to providing clients a world class, quality transcription service.