Confidentially is of the importance to us, we have excellent protective measures, both technically, staff training, policy and legal agreements.  Note: we do utilise transcriptionists from outside of Australia if your work must remain in Australia at all times then you need our sister company OutScribe Transcription who guarantee this.

Emailing of documents

ScribeOut does not email you transcribed files.  This is our policy because the standard internet email system is very insecure. However, this doesn't mean we don't use email at all.  Our system will send you an automated email the instant your transcription is ready with a direct secure download link.

3rd Party File Transfer / Storage

Whilst popular for their ease of use and convenience 3rd party file transfer services can often be less secure and unknowingly expose your files to unintended organisations and may even be backed up indefinitely making that risk stretch well beyond the period you used these systems. ScribeOut limits these risks by using our own file transfer technologies.