Interviews & Focus Groups


Regardless if you have 2 interviews or 200 interviews, our team is capable of finalising this step of your research quickly so you can proceed to the analysis stage. 

When you upload your audio files you can do so quickly using our multi-upload feature.  You can also provide your own unique template and a glossary if you desire.  When each transcript is ready for you to download you will receive an automatic email notification alerting you to its availability. 

If you are working on several projects concurrently, our unique WorkSpace also gives you the ability to create separate Projects to make your administrative tasks less burdensome.  You can also nominate other colleagues to collaborate together on a joint WorkSpace.  This feature is especially useful for remote researchers or colleagues within other institutions. 

Street Interview

Focus Groups

We also transcribe focus groups and you can nominate if you require the participants to be individually identified or not.  The ability for our transcriptionists to identify participants relies greatly on the quality of the audio recording and the facilitation of the focus group.  However, we always do our utmost to produce a transcript that captures all the comments and conversations. 

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